Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Baby Rats!

So on Monday me and my boyfriend decided to get some pet rats.

They were the best choice of pet for us as hamsters are kinda lame (i've had 4) and for rabbits and guinea pigs would ideally need outside space. both cats and dogs were out as neither of us have the time or money for either of them so rats seemed like the perfect idea!

We bought them today and they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!

We have named them Tokyo (Cause i love japan) and Ezio (after the Asassins Creed character as he is a hooded ratty). Tokyo is inquisitive and outgoing and is happily climbing bars and scampering around, Ezio is very shy and has stayed in the box we brought them home in pretty much for all the time they've been here.

I'm having my usual "new pet anxiety" about them. "Is that sneezing normal? (apparently it's because he's in a new place and a bit stressed), what if Ezio doesn't come out ever? Isn't Tokyo gonna get fat if he keeps eating all that food? (it's not been much, im just paranoid and Ezio hasn't gotten there fast enough)" I get really bad worries about new pets, had it with all my hamsters, all my dogs and guinea pigs and it's hard to put into words.

But i'm happy we have them now. They are both totally adorable and are alot younger then i was expecting/wanting them to be. not sure how old but they look about 10 weeks old I think.
It's a learning curve for all of us and i'm a worrier. :/

anyways, pictures!



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